Port of Rotterdam International

Running one of the largest and busiest logistics centres in the world for many years has given the Port of Rotterdam Authority a wealth of expertise and experience in developing and managing large ports and industrial areas. The Port of Rotterdam International department (PoRint) uses this knowledge and experience and the world-renowned 'Port of Rotterdam' brand to help ports worldwide achieve their maximum potential.

The port of Rotterdam is acknowledged worldwide for its efficiency, reliability and dedication to safety. By giving other the ports the opportunity to learn from the Rotterdam expertise and experience, the Port of Rotterdam Authority helps them improve or set up port management and infrastructure, resulting in more efficient management, increasing cargo flows and higher revenues. Linking the 'Port of Rotterdam' name to a foreign port increases trust with governments, financial institutions, investors and customers. Cooperating with the port of Rotterdam furthermore offers its partners access to the Global Port Network, a network of potential investors, companies and other ports.

Types of cooperation with the port of Rotterdam

PoRint is a department within the Port of Rotterdam Authority, which mobilises project teams with specialised expertise from other divisions of the Port Authority. PoRint offers various levels of cooperation with international ports and governments:

  • Boardroom consultancy
  • Port Management advisory services
  • Joint venture agreements in which the Port of Rotterdam Authority actively participates and invests in a port project.

Benefits for Rotterdam as well

The activities abroad enhance the port of Rotterdam's image of an efficient, reliable port on an international level. Being globally active creates new business opportunities, not only for the Port Authority itself, but also for its customers, local partners and for global players in the industrial and transport sector. It strengthens relations with the world’s leading players and contributes to more efficient trade flows between the partner ports and Rotterdam. In Rotterdam we believe that the best way to create opportunities for yourself, is to create them for others!


Would you like to know more about the international activities of the port of Rotterdam? Please contact:

René van der Plas
Director Port of Rotterdam International
+31 (0)10 252 1190

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