Plug & Play for bio based industry

Are you looking for the perfect location to scale up your bio-chemical process? Or to develop a commercial scale biofuel sites? The port of Rotterdam offers Plug & Play industrial services and utilities for bio-based production companies. 40-hectare greenfield site, with all the utility infrastructure already in place, is dedicated to facilitate the further growth of the renewable industry.

• Prime location in the world’s largest renewable industry cluster
• Plug & Play can result in up to 20% CAPEX reduction
• An advisory port authority with experience in the bio-based industry
• An industrial environment that is well experienced with scaling up new technologies
• All feedstocks, utilities, industrial services, gasses and chemicals available in bulk

Check out how Hanno Schouten experienced his first 6 months as site director at Neste Rotterdam and see why he believes that Rotterdam is the ideal location for biobased industry.

Presentations World Bio Markets Event 2016

Both Wilco van der Lans and Nicole van Klaveren presented during the World Bio Markets. If you are interested in their presentations on Rotterdam Bio Port, you can download the presentations below.

Plug & Play for biobased companies

The Plug & Play consortium for biobased industries in the port of Rotterdam is unique. From their existing assets, specialized utility companies Uniper, Evides Industrial Water, Stedin and Vopak offer all the industrial utilities required,by (commercial scale) bio-industrial production companies including:

  • Electricity, steam and heat
  • Process water, cooling water and wastewater filtering
  • Tank storage for liquid bulk cargo
  • Storage and terminal facilities for dry bulk cargo
  • Nautical infrastructure
  • Road and rail infrastructure
  • Engineering and site management

Up to 20 per cent CAPEX reduction

Companies locating in the world’s largest renewable industry cluster do not need to invest in. This can result in up to 20% reduction of the total need for CAPEX. Furthermore, by outsourcing the need for utilities you can fully focus on your core activities.


Would you like to know more about establishment opportunities or cooperation with the existing industrial cluster? Please contact:

Stijn Effting
Business Manager Chemicals and Biobased Industry
Joris Hurenkamp
Business Manager Chemicals and Biobased Industry

Port of Rotterdam Authority contributes ideas

As the developer of the Rotterdam port area, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is always looking for new opportunities to strengthen and expand the current industrial cluster. The Port Authority is a strong supporter of biobased industries and gladly contributes to help make your business case a success.

About the Port Authority

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